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Emily Sharland recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023

James is an excellent guide and host. Super knowledgeable of the local attractions and Māori culture, very welcoming and friendly, and went over and above to look after all the guests in our group.


Matthew Mckeown recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023
Bucky was our tour guide on my NZ holiday. When it was due to begin a cyclone was hitting. Bucky used his knowledge to juggle activities and destinations so we didn’t miss out!
He is an expert driver and made reversing with a trailer look easy.
I really enjoyed learning about Māori language culture and places along the bus journeys, that and the scenery made the journeys very enjoyable.
He is also a duck diver and managed to grab Koura and pauna, which was very cool
I stayed in NZ after my tour and Bucky even introduced me to a fella who offered me a job! Haha
What more could you want in a tour guide !

Ailish Douglas recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023

James is a 5 star guide. He has good local knowledge for bits not on the itinerary as well as what’s on the programme. On a small tour he is very much part of the group rather than clocking off. Whatever time and whatever question he is always willing to help. James often shared history. life stories and information about Māori culture and life which was always interesting. He has a warm and kind personality- you will be in safe hands. Highly recommend.


Chris Kilgallen recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023

James was my tour guide on the North Island part of my trip. He was a great organiser and didn’t let last minute challenges caused by bad weather annoy or frustrate him. Instead he just worked around it with patience and good humour. He looked after the needs of all our group extremely well. iIt’s clear he loves his native homeland and is keen to share his knowledge and passion with everyone. Simply a great tour guide!!


Rebecca Rosman recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023

Took a tour of the South Island with James / Bucky and had the best time. Easygoing while still being on top of everything and making it all look like no sweat – plus an excellent driver! 10/10 would recommend.


Joy Weinberg recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023

James was a fantastic Tourguide and driver. It was clear he cared about all of the members of our group. His warmth and excitement about the places we visited and activities we did added a lot to the tour, and helped our group bond together. We felt like a family exploring New Zealand! In addition, he provided a solid intro to the culture and values. It was wonderful!


Victor Hedlund recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023

Bucky/James is a great guy, met him while exploring south NZ with him as a guide/driver. Althou he is so much more. He have amazing knowledge about every place we went to. He is super friendly and made me feel secure and relaxed all time. Bucky always know this hide-away spots like waterfalls, museum, animal life etc etc. If/when I travel NZ again I would definitely do this with Bucky again. Couldnt be more happy with Bucky and the amazing trip he gave me and the group.


Amy Nicolellis recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023
I was so lucky to visit beautiful NZ and James was our tour guide throughout the North Island. There were a couple of things that stood out to me about James. When weather got in the way of our anticipated itinerary, he moved things around and made sure the group still got to experience the highlights and then some. James always went the extra mile to ensure we got spots on fun excursions, and had excellent knowledge to share about local recommendations. Best of all, he shared his Maori culture. I loved hearing the stories as we traveled from town to town, or while on a hike to a beautiful waterfall. Our little tour group grew into a family in a short time, and James was most certainly part of it. Highly recommend.

Joanne Fox recommends Manawa Tours

October 21, 2023

Toured the South Island with James. He was a fantastic tour guide. From day one James created a great atmosphere amongst the group which was great as a solo traveller. James was very organised and was great for improvising on the tour when things didn’t go to plan ( e.g. the weather). Would highly recommend James and his tours.