Private Tours

Manawa Tours provides hand-crafted tours that are tailored to meet your personal needs. We take extra care and attention to detail to that your experience is unforgettable.

What We Offer

Embark on a 7-day Golden Triangle tour, starting in Auckland, through Rotorua’s geothermal wonders and Taupo’s scenic marvels, to the enchanting Hobbiton and Waitomo’s Glow Worm Caves. Experience heart-pounding adventures, Maori culture, and Raglan’s serene beach vibes. Conclude with breathtaking views from Auckland’s Mt. Eden Lookout.

Explore the North Island’s splendors on a 6-day tour from Auckland to Wellington. Visit Hamilton Gardens, Hobbiton, and Rotorua’s geothermal wonders. Thrill in Taupo with sailing and bungee jumping, hike Tongariro’s majestic trails, and relax in National Park’s hot tubs. Discover Wellington’s cultural gems at Zealandia and Te Papa, ending with breathtaking views from Mt Victoria.

Discover New Zealand’s South Island in a 7-day tour from Christchurch’s vibrant streets to the serene Lake Tekapo. Experience Wanaka’s outdoor adventures, Queenstown’s adrenaline thrills, and Milford Sound’s majestic fjords. Unwind in Glenorchy’s picturesque landscapes before concluding your journey in Queenstown, a blend of exhilarating activities and breathtaking natural beauty.

Custom Made

Embark on a tailor-made journey with our Custom Tour, crafted to your preferences. Explore New Zealand’s hidden gems, from breathtaking landscapes to cultural hotspots. Enjoy personalized adventures, whether it’s adrenaline-fueled activities, serene nature escapades, or immersive cultural experiences. Create unforgettable memories with a tour that’s uniquely yours.

Heart of the North

Golden Triangle Adventure: 7-Day Thrill Seeker’s Journey

Day 1: Auckland, Hamilton’s Charm, Hobbiton Magic, and Rotorua’s Wonders
– Kick-off from Auckland, embrace the beauty at Hamilton Gardens.
– Lunch at the enchanting Hobbiton.
– Afternoon: Dive into Rotorua – Zorb, Skyline adventures, or unwind at Polynesian Spa.

Day 2: Rotorua’s Heart-Pumping Experiences
– Pick your thrill: Canopy Tours, rafting, majestic Mt Tarawera, or quirky Duck Tours.
– Evening Special: Immerse in Te Puia’s Maori culture.

Day 3: Geysers, Thermal Wonders, and Taupo’s Marvels
– Morning eruption at Wai-O-Tapu, followed by a mesmerizing walk.
– Witness Huka Falls’ might.
– Daredevil options: Bungee or skydiving.
– Sail on Taupo’s waters with pizza delights.

Day 4: Rotorua’s Adventure Reloaded
– Choose your adrenaline rush: Rafting, heli-flights, kayak, or off-roading.
– Explore Rotorua’s soul: Government Gardens, Kuirau Park.
– Evening: Magical Tree Walk experience.

Day 5: From Rotorua to Waitomo’s Glow Worms, Ending in Raglan’s Serenity
– Witness the spellbinding Glow Worm Caves.
– Tranquil Ruakuri Bush Walk.
– Raglan welcomes you with a sunset cruise and fish n chips.

Day 6: Raglan’s Relaxing Vibes
– Your day, your adventure: Surfing, kayaking, horse riding, or Bridal Veil Falls.
– Soak up Raglan’s chilled essence.

Day 7: Farewell Journey, Raglan to Auckland
– Depart Raglan, with a final awe-inspiring stop at Mt. Eden Lookout.
– Conclude your epic journey in Auckland.

North Island Tour

North Island 7-day Tour

Day 1: Auckland, Hamilton’s Charm, Hobbiton Magic, and Rotorua’s Wonders

  • Depart Auckland, savor the serenity at Hamilton Gardens.

  • Enjoy a magical lunch at Hobbiton.

  • Afternoon in Rotorua: Choose from Zorb, Skyline adventures, or unwind at luxurious spas.

Day 2: Rotorua’s Adrenaline Rush

  • Select your adventure: Canopy Tours, white-water rafting, explore Mt Tarawera, or unique Duck Tours.

  • Evening: Dive into the rich Maori culture at Te Puia.

Day 3: From Rotorua to Taupo’s Nautical Escapades, Onward to National Park

  • Set sail on Taupo’s waters with the ‘Sail Fearless’ cruise.

  • Optional bungee jumping for the brave-hearted.

  • Journey to National Park, preparing for tomorrow’s adventures.

Day 4: National Park’s Diverse Expeditions

  • Tackle the famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing or the tranquil Taranaki Falls hike.

  • Wind down with a thrilling quad bike tour or soak in soothing hot tubs.

Day 5: National Park to Wellington’s Cultural Delights

  • Depart for Wellington, New Zealand’s capital.

  • Explore the natural sanctuary of Zealandia and the iconic Te Papa Museum.

  • Evening: Savor local cuisine at a renowned Wellington restaurant.

Day 6: Wellington’s Panoramic Farewell

  • Morning visit to Mt Victoria for spectacular city views.

  • Conclude with a transfer to the airport, capturing lasting memories.

Day 7:

  • end of tour, Fly out of Wellington


South Island 7-day Tour

Day 1: Christchurch

  • Explore the vibrant and colorful New Regent Street, known for its historic buildings, delightful eateries, and picturesque settings.

  • Visit the Christchurch Art Gallery to see an impressive collection of modern and historic paintings housed in a striking architectural building.

  • Discover the impactful Quake City museum, offering insights into the earthquakes that shaped Christchurch.

  • Relax and enjoy the local atmosphere at the Riverside Market, a hub for food, shopping, and live music.

  • Experience tranquility at the Bridge of Remembrance, a war memorial with historical significance.

Day 2: Lake Tekapo

  • Engage in stargazing at one of the best dark sky reserves in the world.

  • Visit the iconic Church of the Good Shepherd, renowned for its picturesque location by the lake.

  • Take a scenic flight over the lake and surrounding alpine areas for breathtaking views.

  • Enjoy leisure activities like kayaking and hiking around the lake.

Day 3: Wanaka

  • Adventure in the outdoors with activities like hiking, mountain biking, or jet boating.

  • Explore the unique Wanaka Tree, a famous lone tree growing out of the lake.

  • Visit Puzzling World for an experience of quirky and mind-bending attractions.

  • Indulge in local wines and cuisine, with Wanaka being known for its vineyards and eateries.

Day 4 & 5: Queenstown

  • Thrill in bungee jumping, skydiving, or jet boating for adrenaline-packed experiences.

  • Take a ride on the Skyline Gondola for panoramic views of the town and Lake Wakatipu.

  • Explore the vibrant town center, known for its bustling nightlife, shops, and restaurants.

  • Engage in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or a relaxing cruise on the lake.

Day 6: Milford Sound

  • Cruise through Milford Sound, taking in the stunning fjords, waterfalls, and wildlife.

  • Consider a kayak tour for a closer look at the natural beauty of the area.

  • For a different perspective, a scenic flight over the Sound offers awe-inspiring views.

  • Hike some of the accessible trails in Fiordland National Park to witness its pristine wilderness.

Day 7: Queenstown

  • End of Tour fly out of Queenstown